Special Sections

From time to time we host special person-to-person discovery segments for select travellers who are already in Cuba. These are arranged with 30 day notice and supported through donations to the Innovadores Foundation.

If you're interested in participating in any of these sections, please fill our the form at the bottom of the page.

Discover Entrepreneurs in Cuba

$400 charitable donation each.

  • Entrepreneur Meeting: Discussion and demo from Innovadores-sponsored tech entrepreneurs
  • Intern Lunch: Sit down to learn the perspective of Cuban youth from the 15+ Innovadores GCT internship graduates
  • Art Tour: Briefing by Cuban arts patron and private tour of an artist's beautiful Havana studio
  • Jewelry Tour: Presentation and tour of iconic Cuban jewelry designer and manufacturer
  • Fashion Tour: Discussion and tour of Cuba's first fashion brand and clothing company 

Diplomatic or Extended Programs

Donation as mutually agreed.

  • Diplomatic Briefing: Presentation from former US Ambassador/Ranking Diplomat to Havana
  • Business Briefing: Discussion of the current business and investment climate from Director of Innovadores Technology Hub
  • Mariel Tour: Tour of the manufacturing and import/export Special Development Zone in Mariel from Innovadores Advisor

Please fill out the form below to participate in any of our special sections.

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